Hurtling through my 42nd year at full speed, after discovering my purpose in this world (better late than never) I am now an inspirational coach for women.  Added to the mix, I am a farmers wife who is rarely on the farm and mum to James (16), Emma (13) and Aoife (9). The fun we have! Teenage hormones flying in all directions apart from Aoife who still thinks she is a princess.

Becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own business has been a whirlwind of learning and adventure.  I spend the day as a mum, chief cook & cleaner, organiser, time tracker, counsellor, taxi driver, problem solver, referee, fun maker and fun stealer just like all you other mums 🙂  What has changed is that now, as a life coach, I also take a little time for myself and feel a little braver for getting out there and embracing my other purpose in life.

Helping women of all ages come to realise and embrace their own purpose in life, I specialise in working with mums who have reached a crossroads and are struggling to live a fulfilled life.


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