When you read in a magazine or someone says to you – it’s important to have ‘ME TIME’, what is your first thought??  Oh yes, I like the sound of that, and start planning what you would like to do, OR what I hear most women say – WHAT ME TIME?…… when do you think I will get time to do that?  I just about have time to get myself out the door in the morning to go to work or the school run, then it is the never ending ‘to do’ list, housework, school run (again), homework, more housework, squabbling kids, dinner, catch up on emails, more squabbling, back to the ‘to do’ list and then finally collapse in a heap in a dark room.  Please tell me where ‘ME TIME’ fits into all of this madness.

I have the same thought on occasions, but I now know how important it is, in fact, it is vital to take time out for you.  If you don’t take care of yourself, it will be impossible to take care of anyone else.  When you try to be everything to everyone all of the time you end up burning yourself out and stressed……. Stress is evil, it causes all sorts of problems in itself.

  • ­ Heart problems
  • ­ Skin problems
  • ­ Concentration
  • ­ Reduced immunity
  • ­ Depression
  • ­ Premature ageing (oh we don’t want this ladies)!!

It isn’t selfish to take time out for yourself, in fact, it benefits all those around you.  It will refresh and energise you, allowing you to go back to a job with a clearer head and a little less frustration.


It will boost your self-esteem as you begin to realise you are important and deserve the break. You sleep better, are less anxious, have less tension and you build up a greater resistance to any sickness. The world we live in today is so hectic and at times you feel as if you are spinning too many plates, this is why I am so passionate when it comes to advising women to have quality me time.

Not only is taking time out a fantastic way to de-stress, but it also gives you the opportunity to reflect on where you are in your life – have you achieved all your hopes and desires, are there other dreams and ambitions you have but you just need focus to work out your plan of action – time out is the perfect solution to achieve this clarity.

What you choose to do with your ME time is personal to you:

  • have a coffee and watch the world go by­
  • take a walk
  • ­go for a run
  • an hour in the gym
  • ­meditate
  • ­read a book
  • ­go to the beautician
  • ­get your hair done
  • ­potter around the garden
  • ­go for a bike ride
  • ­watch a movie

Every week I get my hair done, it’s my little treat from me to me.  Hubby just doesn’t get it, but I just ignore his bewildered looks!  Afterwards, I feel I can take on the world, knowing that anything I have to deal with that day will be done with a spring in my step and a flick of my shiny locks.

The list is endless, but it is important to remember, set aside some time for you every day and just be.  Your body and mind will thank you for it, as will your family and friends.

Be Kind To Yourself & Stay Inspired,

Amanda R x

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