To say I am excited about upcoming changes to my business is somewhat of an understatement. I know some people feel, if it isn’t broken, why fix it?  But I am a firm believer that there are always ways to improve and streamline your workflow and brand.  Change is often positive and sure, it keeps life exciting.

Another thing I am a firm believer in is reaching out and asking for help when needed.  There are people who prefer to say nothing and keep going, no matter how much they are struggling.  Asking family and friends for help wouldn’t even be a possibility because what if they started to think you couldn’t cope?  We need to stop and realise that there are so many people out there who are willing to help and not judge.  They just genuinely want to see you succeed and flourish.

My friend Kathleen McCreesh is one of these gems.  What started out as a photo shoot ended up with me starting a blog, working on seminars and then world domination!  Kathleen truly does make you believe anything is possible (I thought I was positive).

At the beginning of any journey, it is better to focus on your strengths rather than dwell too much on your weaknesses.  We can sometimes be stopped from moving forward, just because we are looking at what we can not do rather than focusing on what we can do.  Learning new things as you go is always an enjoyable part of the journey.

Anything to do with designing websites, getting a host, widgets, links and all those other techy words used to go right over my head.  But web design and everything computer related Kathleen loves which adds another string to her bow.  It would be so cruel of me to deprive her of happiness lol so recruiting her to design my new site and teach me how to manage it helps me to develop this particular weak spot.  This girl is amazing at photography but this is another area she totally excels in – most of the time I just sat there open-mouthed as she brought it all together.  To be honest, much of what has happened in the last few months would have taken me much longer and been a steeper learning curve without the encouragement and help from this lady.

So remember ladies, making changes and asking for help are positive steps forward, nothing to be afraid of.  Now it is time to make some final changes before my new website goes live!  I can’t wait to share it with you all eeeeeeeekkkkkk!!


Be Kind To Yourself & Stay Inspired

Amanda R x

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