I have the pleasure this week of guest blogging whilst the lovely Mrs R is off sunning herself! As I was thinking up topics to blog about it seemed perfect to just have a wee chat about what it is inspirational coaches like Amanda are all about!

I hold my hands up – if anyone had said to me to go speak to an inspirational coach, I’d soon have told them where my money could be better spent but boy was I wrong!!! I know for myself when I heard the word ‘inspiration’ or anything in association with it, I automatically had the ‘aw here we go again’ thought – the looking for pictures in the clouds and dancing with fairies vision but I quickly learned that it’s none of the above.

I’ve only had a small insight into what these coaches do but it was enough to change my whole outlook on inspirational coaching. An inspirational coach is someone standing by your side and guiding you in the direction YOU want to go. It is often thought that coaches will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do and preach to you how you should live your life and this is such a false perception! In my experience with a coach and in particular with Amanda, she would be best described as the devil on your shoulder questioning your reasons and excuses for not doing what you were trying so hard to achieve. She constantly prevented me from believing all those wee made-up stories in my head. I’ve never heard the word WHY said as many times in a conversation! Every ‘I can’t’ was questioned with a ‘why?’ from Amanda and soon enough the ‘I can’ts’ became ‘I can’s’ without question or doubt. Personally, it was just changing my mindset and outlook to a healthier one with more postitive thought. I only had a couple of one-one sessions over coffee in the beginning and followed up with Amanda’s plan which she sent by email for me to follow. Since, I have arranged a few meet-ups every few months and bought a couple of her £10 modules online when I was feeling a little lost but it’s not a constant money racket or someone on your back as its often thought to be but it’s someone you can drop an email to when needed.  It doesn’t take much, one or two sessions and you’ll be on track, but don’t think that’s you sorted – very early on I learned you have to continuously work on yourself.

We all need a little inspiration, we may not be willing to admit it but we do!


If you have something that you really want to do but just can’t get the nerve to take the first step or are a bit lost in an idea or where you want to be, look into a coach (‘coach’ really isn’t the right word – it’s more like a wee friend). Personally, I couldn’t recommend the lovely Inspire by Amanda R more! Get in touch with her and see how inspiration is for you! You never know until you try! Give it a go!

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