First and foremost my apologies for a lack of blogs this past while but those of you who follow me on social media know I was having internet problems which caused lots of bother and high blood pressure.  All seems to be fixed now…….hopefully.

Before my unexpected sabbatical from my blogs, one of the ideas that kept coming up was anxiety and I must admit with a dodgy internet connection my anxiety levels were most definitely tested!

Unfortunately, this subject matter is still taboo and something that is brushed under the carpet, ignored or discussed under your breath with a friend in case someone overhears and thinks you are incapable of coping.  I am not sure if this infuriates or saddens me to be honest.

After my unexpected visit to the local hospital a few years ago I ended up feeling very anxious and stressed (more than usual) especially after the severity and speed of my health deteriorating.  I needed some help to get me through and I am not afraid to admit that nor was I afraid to tell other people at the time.  I knew I couldn’t pretend all was well in my world and that’s why I reached out to ask for help, otherwise, it was going to be a downward spiral.

I feel it is so important to be able to talk about these things and share your experiences, tips and advice so that the topic of mental health becomes less stigmatised.  To be honest, at this stage we should all feel able to reach out and ask for help without fear of being judged or ridiculed but unfortunately it ain’t happening, yes it has improved but there is still a long way to go.  If you feel you can help someone in even a teeny tiny way whether that is a sympathetic ear, going for a walk, joining them at a yoga class or minding the kids for a while – something, anything that gives them a little headspace and time to just breathe.  It might work for them, it might not, they may have to go down a completely different route.

Everyone and I mean everyone has times when life throws a curve ball and you may struggle for a while but please don’t pretend everything is wonderful when it isn’t, that just adds even more stress and anxiety to your life.  Reach out to somebody, it can be a complete stranger but stop trying to be ‘perfect’.  You are one little person trying to do 101 things.  We spend so much time worrying about the future and the what if’s – the reality is we can do sod all about the future, we only have the here and now.

Be Kind To Yourself & Stay Inspired

Amanda R x

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