Last night I held my first seminar in the Canal Court Hotel – was I nervous, was there a moment I wanted to run away and hide hoping no one would notice, was there a voice in my head saying ‘you won’t be able to do this’?? yes, yes and YES!!

This week leading up to the event I experienced a roller coaster of emotions but I can’t keep encouraging others to push through their comfort zone if I don’t and last night was most certainly outside my comfort zone.  I didn’t run away, I pulled up my big girl pants and got on with it.  Today I am so proud of myself but 3 other ladies I am so proud of are my guest speakers – Maria, Kathleen & Emma.  It is daunting at the best of times to stand up and speak to a room full of people but these ladies wore their heart on their sleeves and shared their stories – the challenges and obstacles they faced plus the emotions they went through.  To be so open and honest about depression, anxiety and failure takes guts.  But on the flip side they never gave up, with every down day they experienced, they kept going – will there be challenges ahead? More than likely as life likes to throw you a curve ball every so often.  However,  listening to the girls talking so openly shows their strength of character, so I have no doubt they will continue to grow and strive.

The seminar was called Inner Wisdom simply because it starts with you and to make any changes you have to look inside first and foremost – those changes include having a more positive mindset so that you can recognise opportunities presented to you that will allow you to build your dream.  Those dreams can be big or small but they are personal to you. Being able to dream is a huge gift to yourself – you deserve all you desire.  Just like my 3 speakers we have all gone through difficult times – we all have a story to tell but don’t allow those times to stop you, be brave and give yourself the chance.  Whether you work on making these changes by yourself or you allow me to support you and be a part of your journey, just remember everyone deserves to move forward and have the opportunity to make positive changes in their lives.

Be Kind To Yourself & Stay Inspired

Amanda R x

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