This is the time of year when most people feel a little out of sorts, there are the usual coughs and colds plus tummy bugs tend to rear their ugly heads pre-Christmas.  But when it comes to the kids taking off school due to the sniffles do you prefer to send them back to bed at the first sign or do you send them merrily on their way and tell them the teacher will ring home if they are really unwell?

When it comes to my own kids I tend to push them on out the door, telling them they will be fine simply because that was what was done to me.  I have told them I am instilling a good work ethic into them when James grumbles how unfair I am. However, in hindsight, there were days when I should have been going to a doctor rather than work but my mindset was one of, you can’t possibly take a day off.

I suppose like everything in life, balance is key.  You don’t want them taking days off because they have sneezed a couple of times nor do you want them to feel they have to be a death’s door before they allow themselves to take to the sick bed.

What side of the fence do you fall when it comes to allowing your darling offspring a duvet day?

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Amanda R x


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