I don’t know about you but I for one am so fed up seeing articles and hearing what you should and shouldn’t do with your own kids – Will it ever stop?  Probably not!

It starts when that little blue line appears – this is what you should eat, don’t exercise too much, oh no, scrap that – keep exercising.  Then when your little bundle of joy arrives and before you even get your head around the fact that this little human is all yours, (oh dear god what if I screw up their life), you will hear all the old wives tales plus – get them into a routine,  don’t give them solids too soon, breastfeed, don’t let them sleep in your bed, don’t allow them to watch too much tv,  don’t curse in front of them, don’t have disagreements in front of them.  Stop – gimme a break!

As they move towards their teenage years, well now what can I say about this joyous time…..first you are bombarded with hormones and attitude and that is usually before 8 am.  Then you convince yourself they will get mixed up with the wrong crowd while you are coming to terms with your child’s newfound opinions and how they ‘know it all’.  On top of that I can pretty much guarantee whilst this is going on you will no doubt spot those articles telling you the dangers of snap chat and facebook.  This just reinforces your fear, guilt rears its ugly head yet again and you think you are subjecting your teen to all sorts because he/she uses social media.

Now don’t get me wrong, of course I understand there is an element of concern and without a doubt, dangers out there in the big bad world.   Let’s be honest,  there always have been (especially as they get older).   But there is also common sense and the ability as the mum to know what is best for your own child.

As you know I have 3 kids – all different personalities, needs, temperaments, and abilities.  I can’t possibly discipline them all the same because they aren’t the same, so how can you possibly have articles/blogs or even worse – those judgey people telling you how to raise your child – what works for one certainly doesn’t work for the other.  Mums on a daily basis beat themselves up over whether or not they are doing a ‘good enough’ job –  the day and hour the baby comes out the guilt goes in and that is where she stays until the end of time – it kinda goes hand in hand with being a mum.

Here’s my advice for what it is worth……you as the mum knows better than anybody else what works for you and your child.  There will always be someone who will sit in judgment of your parenting skills and whether or not you reach for a glass or two of wine on a school night.   Love and cherish them cos at the end of the day when a child knows they are loved they can take on the world and truthfully that is all that really matters.

Be Kind To Yourself & Stay Inspired

Amanda R x

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