Growing up I drove my poor mum to distraction with always having to have the last word.  On more than one occasion she looked like she was gonna explode while shouting, ‘Amanda, why do you always have to have the final say?’  To be honest I am not sure if it was because I believed I was right or that I simply wanted to make sure my point of view was heard.  But what I do know for sure was it was a very frustrating way to try and solve a disagreement.

I could pretend as I grew older and wiser that I worked on this rather endearing quality of mine but I actually think I got worse.  There were times I was like a spoilt little brat stamping her feet – no but listen, no but listen, NO BUT LISTEN!!  Oh, I’m actually cringing thinking about it.  There was, however, a lightbulb moment when I caught myself on and realised I needed to give myself a slap and a good talking to.  Well ok, there are still a few moments when the halo may slip but doesn’t everyone’s?

Although I did have many moments of sheer determination trying to get my point across I was never one of those people who believed I was always right.  However, if truth be told I was (am) right most of the time but sometimes you just have to be gracious. ? Joking aside there are unfortunately people who are never wrong and refuse to back down, those who have alienated friends and family members simply because they are that pig headed to admit that maybe just maybe this time they messed up.  For some being right is much more important than being happy – I for one cannot get my head around or understand this concept.

There has to come a time when happiness means more – it can be so exhausting trying to win each and every argument, like seriously what is the point, what exactly does it achieve apart from a massive headache and unnecessary aggro?

Which matters more to you….being right or being happy?

Oh and just for the record, karma really does have everyone’s address – I now have one of those darling kids that have to have the final say in the form of Emma….you can imagine how those disagreements pan out! lol

Be Kind To Yourself & Stay Inspired

Amanda R x

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